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Creative services to help drive more traffic to your site, acquire more customers, and boost your sales revenue! We take the time to get to know our customers and their marketing objectives from an unbiased outsider’s perspective. We combine our knowledge, our customers’ own perspectives and, quite often, their customers’ perspectives to create an effective marketing strategy. We take a proprietary ‘needs analysis and marketing inventory’ of your company to identify often overlooked marketing opportunities and the best most cost effective roadmap to succeed online. This process helps us create a unique “Internet Success Roadmap” that gives you and all members of the creative team valuable insight and creates a foundation from which to design, develop and implement that necessary tactics for competing and succeeding on and off-line. Additionally, our secure online project management system is available for 24/7 access.

San Jose Web Design, serving San Jose and the entire Bay Area, offers a wide range of creative and advertising services to accommodate your online needs. From traditional advertising mediums to interactive and social network marketing, we have you covered for just about any Bay Area SEO project.

Do you need a web business plan? Are you looking for specific marketing tactics? Do you need help with online advertising? Want to know the best and latest marketing methods for the web? San Jose Web Design is a client centered results satisfaction guaranteed agency that uses in-house creative and technical talent as well as hand-picked vendors to offer full-service marketing, design, creative and branding services to small, medium and large enterprises, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our design and marketing services include:

Expert web advice and consulting that give you real world solutions. From metrics tracking your email marketing to social media analysis. We can recommend the best software, hosting, database deisgn, web application, ecommerce, graphic design, user interface and customer retention techniques based on 14 years of Internet experience.

Web Design & Development

What is the goal of your website? What is the first thing that you want your visitors to know about your business?

Answering these and other important questions is the first step to planning a successful website. Your website visitors who find you from a search engine will literally look at your homepage for less than 5 seconds before deciding if they want to stay and learn more or hit the dreaded “Back” button. In order to keep your visitors engaged, it is important to give a great first impression.

The first impression your visitors will get is the overall look and feel of the site. They will quickly evaluate the colors, fonts, images, and so on to evaluate if this site is relatively new and fresh or if it is an old, outdated and stale website. That is why it is imperative to have a clean design and a fresh look as well as utilizing useful tools such as News Sections and Polls to keep your users engaged.

San Jose Web Design provides the following Web Services:

Web Design with CMS (Content Management System)
Static Web Design without CMS
HTML Emails (ideal for newsletters)
Web Development (Databases, web applications, customized CMS components, etc…)

Web Consulting

Web Application Development
Web Development
Portal Development
Customer Relationship Management
Content Management
E-Business /E-commerce Solutions
Algorithms/Mathematical Programming

San Jose Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

San Jose Web Design has the expertise and technology to put your business on top with guaranteed Top 10 web rankings. We have help businesses just like yours increase web traffic and boost sales. Several of our SEO consultants have over 10 years of experience working for Top Agency SEO Firms. Using a proprietary organic seo process, we can guarantee you top rankings! We can catapault your website to Internet star status.

Baseline Reporting

We begin our process by striving to understand your business model. Before any SEO work begins, we provide an initial baseline report to allow us to help you track the progress of our SEO efforts and process deliverables timelines. It will enable us to provide recommendations for you as well. This comprehensive report includes:

Keyword Audit

The success of your SEO efforts hinges on the proper targeting of a blend of head and tail keywords that relate to your business, product, and industry. At Baytech, we implement our proprietary keyword analysis process called Keyword Audit™ to capture just the right set of keywords to propel your site to the top of search rankings. With Keyword Audit you get:

Keyword research: 300, 1000, or 3000 keywords researched depending on plan

Keyword targeting: 15-20 keywords targeted for which key performance indicators are drawn out to track keyword progress over specified period (i.e. three months).

Website Infrastructure

Once we select the appropriate set of keywords, we begin to insert those keywords strategically into the HTML code of the different pages associated with your website:

Insert keyword optimized web page file name, URL, and page title

Inserting an enhanced sitemap

Update meta title tags, description tags, and keyword tags in HTML code

Insert keyword optimized anchor text for all hyperlinks and alternative text (for images)

Insert H(x) tag, font italics/bold/underline

Add robot.txts file with nofollow attributes for private pages CLIENT do not want indexed.

Information Architecture & Content Creation

Our experienced team of SEO specialists and copywriters will help you structure your information in manner appealing to your audience and for search engines. Our copywriters will also provide recommendations to:

generate unique content for any aspect of your website including static pages, press releases, blogs, newsletters, landing pages, and much more

copyedit and update various sections of existing content

Linking Strategy Consulting

Google’s PageRank relies on measuring density of quality links to and from web pages to assess their overall rank. BAWDSEO will map out all internal and external links to and from your website. At the same time, we will work on building more backlinks by creating partnerships with “authority sites” or sites of high traffic and popularity to insure an increase in PageRank for all engines..

Track and map out all backlinks, incoming links, and deep links within your website

Reach out to other sites of interest to create link partnerships that will boost your Google PageRank.

Post Analysis Reporting

Monthly, we provide status reports on key performance indicators such as traffic, rankings, pages indexed, and competition analysis. These reports will be automated and sent to you by email. We will provide suggestions to modify any keywords, content, link structure, or metadata based on those results. These reports should be compared to the baseline report so you can see and measure the results. You don’t have to understand how it all work. You just need to see the results. More traffic. More customers. More sales! It’s that simple.

In a nutshell, here are the deliverables!

Search Engine Traffic/Ranking Reports

Monitor and report monthly traffic statistics, and any other key performance indicators that client requests. For more details, see SEO methodology under Baseline Reporting.

Competitive Analysis Reports

Evaluate competitors’ keywords, links, and rankings to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. We will make adjustments to those areas as needed.

BayAreaWebDesignSEO.com Keyword Audit

We will continually monitor the competitiveness of your keywords, and provide new keyword suggestions to incorporate in various parts of your website including metadata and content copy.

Content Creation and Monitoring

Based on Keyword Audit and competitive analysis, our team of experienced SEO copywriters will help your develop fresh content and/or modify existing content to keep your website on top of search rankings.

Link Building and Quality Assurance

We will continue to help your build quality links and fix broken links as necessary to boost your PageRank.

Account Management

We will assign you a dedicated account manager who will answer all your questions and provide you with timely updates on the status of each of your campaigns. This includes a one-on-one monthly consultations to discuss ongoing objectives and determine strategies for the future.

Strategic Marketing Consulting

We will assign you an integrated marketing expert to recommend new online marketing strategies and make a recommendation on how to continuously improve your traffic and bottom line.

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