Online Branding

I am sure that you have heard that online branding is red hot! That is for sure — it is one of the internet marketing buzzwords that I am sure you have heard by now. Branding has always been the goal of all marketing plans from the beginning of time. Every off line business has always tried to build a brand with their company’s name and slogan.

Online branding builds website customer loyalty

The first step in online branding is coming up with a unique business name and domain name to market your products or services. The second step is coming up with a unique selling proposition (USP) and using that USP everywhere you can think. Another name for a USP is a slogan. For an example of branding:

Dominos – “Fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes-guaranteed.”
Rolaids – “How do you spell relief?”

Choose a Unique Name

The first step is to choose an appropriate, unique name for your business to use in online branding… One that is easily remembered and is specific to your industry. Then, you will want to purchase a complementary website domain name that plays off that name to fully utilize the power of online branding. It could also be important as is in most industries that the domain name (website name) contain your search keywords in it if possible. However, it is not always possible. Many clients come to us having both in place. Many times we can increase their sales and “branding” with modifications.

Build Your Slogan

Then, we need to build your USP/Slogan. That takes some serious time and effort. It just cannot be done in a few minutes. Remember — this will end up being the most important sales copy that your business uses in online branding! THE MOST IMPORTANT.

Create Collateral

The final step is to put that name and USP on absolutely every piece of paper your company uses — from the website sales copy, to your email signature, to invoices, to letterheads, to business cards, etc. That is the essence of branding both online and in the “real world”. You online marketing should reflect this USP in all aspects of marketing especially when following up with potential prospects as mentioned in our internet marketing section. Please contact us now for more information on online branding for your internet website and how we can make you an internet success!