Low Cost Web Page Design Solutions

Here is Why You Should Be Working With Us

American Web Page Design is  not like any other web design firm you will come across. We not only talk the talk, but we actually own and manage almost 300 web sites of our own. E-commerce, lead capture, professional services and niche blogs.

Our ability to improve your website traffic, average order, and build your customer acquisition are the keys to success. Our way to increase your company’s bottom line is to multiply the number of people seeing your message, increase your average ticket which will bring you more per sale, and increase the number of visitors who actually complete your most wanted response.

Most web design companies who are mostly run by recent college graduates focus on images and not conversion. BELIEVE ME…IT’S ONLY ABOUT CONVERSION TO YOUR MOST WANTED RESPONSE. Whether that is a sale, a lead, or any other response…everything should promote the “action” you want the visitor to take.

Working With Us Makes You More Money

We provide a web site design consultation service so that you know your options, potential and pitfalls for your web business BEFORE building or redesigning your web site. After all, when making a critical business decision do you go to a kid with little business experience or to someone who does not understand it is your hard earned money and you need a return on your investment.

Expert advice is something every good business manger should seek. It is so vitally important we do not want clients skipping or minimizing the importance of this critical decision. The best part for our clients is that we do not charge for this service.

We do, and you will too! We will design your web site and web business for success, but it is not how you think.

We Design Web “Businesses” that Generate Traffic, Leads and Make More Sales

As search engine experts we know how important web site design is to the overall success of online businesses. By far, the number one mistake most business owners make is to separate design and search engine optimization. They must work hand in hand to deliver the results you need.

To maximize the return on your investment and get your “most wanted response” you must take into consideration during the planning stages:

We’re Your Website Designer for Traffic That Achieves “Your Most Wanted Response”

Firstly and before anything else we do two things. We learn about your business and market, THEN we create the content and design a system for accomplishing your goals.

Sure it will look like a million bucks. That goes without saying. You can count on your web site design being gorgeous and visually appealing. But the design actually comes last and only after we know what content and functionality you need to get your “most wanted response”.

Then the work of developing the mostly automated system that will make your web site/business come alive with the interactivity you desire and need, to accomplish your “most wanted response”.

From simple to highly interactive, choose the components that allow you to achieve your goal.

Then we optimize your fine tuned site for traffic. Not just a trickle but high volume of traffic in almost any category including highly competitive health markets like Constipation and Menopause. We are experts of a passionate nature when it comes to e-commerce. We complete a full, detailed market analysis before starting so that you and we both know the full opportunity in your market and how to take advantage of it best. We take no prisoners and our search engine optimization clients will attest to that!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But Words do the Selling!

Content is at the core of everything you do to achieve your most wanted response. Sure, web site design and functionality are important but “words sell”. Not only to people but your web site is also “sold” to the search engines in the belief your web site is of value and relevant to the searcher and the key phrase they typed into the search engine. Your web site must be found in the top search engine rankings or you will be like a billboard in the desert.

Blending it all together much like a good recipe, just the right amount of this and the right amount of that and you get something that stands apart from your “average” web site.

Your Success is our Success!

Our number 1 goal is your success. Without your success we cannot expect to keep you as a partner in business. We will treat your business as if it’s our own and we take our business very seriously.

You are in charge every step of the way. Our communication system will make sure you are constantly up to date as we develop your web site. You approve everything in a smooth system of control ensuring you get what you want and also what you need. After implementing and testing, your web site is presented to you for final approval.

Unique Advantage

Our Unique Advantage is our background as business professionals. Our real world business management, sales, and marketing experience means that we truly understand what a business needs. Combine our business experience with our technical skills and creative energy, and you have the perfect modern advertising agency.

Our first concern is what is best for the client. If you have a need that we cannot resolve we will help you to find a qualified solutions provider. Whether it is with us or someone else, our goal is to make your business more successful. This is why people partner with us and refer us to friends and associates. Since our inception this is the philosophy upon which we have built our business. We look forward to an opportunity to help your business as well.