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A Website can be the first impression a potential client has of your business. A well-designed and effective website enhances a company’s overall image and is one of the most important factors in building company identity.

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Offering quality content in the design is vital to the success of a web site and will compel your visitors to stay, learn and ultimately do business with you.

We are a Florida Web Design Company and believe that an effective Web site is designed to create or re-enforce a company’s identity, build brand loyalty, enhance exposure and credibility, is easy to use and accessible, delivers objective and measurable results.

Many consumers will get their first impression of your company from your website. Nothing is more precious to a business or an organization than its image, and corporate branding is a key to creating effective web design. A well designed website furthers a company’s overall image and determines how the visitor interacts with your site.

Planning and Strategy

Planning is the most important and often overlooked step in the website development process and involves conducting a detailed assessment to makes sure the website we build fits with your goals and ambitions

The strategic planning involved in building a web presents is important as any aspect in the development of your business. Why are we building this website? What is it supposed to accomplish? How can it add to this organization’s bottom line? Only by evaluating these questions you can be sure your site will contribute to your company’s goals and fit in with all your ambitions.

Detailed Assessment

General needs overview
Graphical design requirements
Development of goals and objectives
Analysis of the target audience
Review of competitor and related sites
Review and consideration of site features and functionality
Cost/benefit comparisons
Hosting requirements
Marketing needs analysis
Available domain names
Determine text content and image needs
Current and future budget determination
Site maintenance options


At the end of the process you will have a clear understanding of how your site will work. You can be confident that the site we will build will meet your objectives and fulfill the goals you have set for it.

Search Engine Optimization

Both Web site promotion and search engine marketing are critical to the effectiveness of your site. Jacksonville Web Design’s goal is to help you successfully market your company on the web. With the number of websites increasing at such a fast pace, you need to make certain that your site is easier to find than your competitions.

Best Practice Methods

Jacksonville Web Design’s web pages are designed and constructed by following best-practice methods for indexing and listing by search engines, and upon completion are submitted to all the search engines which accept free submissions.

Copy that is well written, carefully optimized and proper submission are adequate to gain reasonable listings on the most important search engines for most clients. This work is done as part of our standard web site development process.

Comprehensive Web Site Promotion

For clients whose business needs are not met by our standard approach we suggest a comprehensive search engine optimization service including:

Extensive keyword research
Search engine optimization for all major keywords
Submission to free directories and major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and MSN, Open Directory Project, other major search engines/portals, and other community and local search engines
Advice and Submission to paid directories and pay-per-click services, including Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, Inktomi, FAST, Overture, Looksmart, Google AdWords
Registration to other related sites in your industry
Regular reporting on the site’s positions

Search Engine Marketing Advice

Search engines are an often complex subject about which there are numerous misconceptions. We can advise you in more detail about the concerns involved as part of the website development process or our comprehensive search engine optimization service.

Benefits of Web Site Redesign

Create a more professional corporate image
Improve loading time
Easier navigation
New information and website content editing
Cross-browser and operating system compatibility
Discussion Forum
Leads creation and/or sales generation improvement
Need to take advantage of new business
Interactive Forms
Optimize website to improve rankings with Search Engines to increase client traffic

Production Process

Jacksonville Web Design has established a hassle-free method of website production based on a series of stages that are presented online and signed off by the client before proceeding. ‘Content’ and ‘Design’ are separated into two production paths so that there are minimal delays. The steps we use to produce websites are as follows:
Initial phase

The client accepts package quote, agrees to Jacksonville Web Design’s Terms and Conditions and makes the initial 25% payment.
Jacksonville Web Design develops a design brief with the client, including proposed direction of the project, site structure and navigation options, and visual references (i.e. other websites) that may help explain the proposed visual direction. Other issues should also be discussed, such as existing style guides, corporate logos or policies (if appropriate).
The client delivers a content package including all images and text needed for the web site.

Design Path

Jacksonville Web Design creates a progression of initial graphics for inspection. These will be presented on the Jacksonville Web Design development site at: http://clientname.Jacksonville-Web-Design.com/
The client checks the web graphics and shows associates and a sample target audience if appropriate. The client does not have to sign off on initial designs as further revisions can take place. We generally allow three stages of designs: the initial design and two refinement phases (if required).
Jacksonville Web Design refines graphic design and displays them online for feedback.
The client signs off on final mock-ups.

Content Path

Jacksonville Web Design creates a content-only website for inspection. The aim of this white site is to allow the client to fully proof all content without being distracted by graphic elements.
The client proof-reads the white site and provides any content changes to Jacksonville Web Design in email form.
Jacksonville Web Design applies changes to the white site.
The client signs off on the whitesite.

Final phase

Jacksonville Web Design embeds the content of the white site with graphic design, finalizes the visual aspects, and verifies site functionality.
Jacksonville Web Design uploads the final site onto the development server for final inspection by the client.
The client provides any final content changes. If graphic changes are requested, additional charges may apply, as sign-off has already been given for graphic production.
Jacksonville Web Design applies final changes to the site.
The client signs off on the final site and makes a final payment to Jacksonville Web Design.
Jacksonville Web Design uploads (or otherwise delivers) the site to its final live location.

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