Website Statistics

Website statistics to track and analyze your internet traffic

Is your marketing plan working? Detailed website statistics to analyze your internet traffic will tell you!

Website statistics with pinpoint accuracy

Talk about detail… The website statistics we use will give you every answer to every website traffic detail you can imagine. Here are just a few of the hundreds of website statistic reports you’ll get:

Page Views – The total number of times a page is viewed
Unique Visitors – The most useful website statistic
Most Popular Pages – Track which pages keep your traffics attention
Referrers – Where is your traffic coming from?
Search Engines – The most important website statistic
Search Keywords – How they are finding your site via search engines
Browsers – Make sure your page is optimized for all of them
Countries – Do you have an international company?
Time Spent on Page – This website statistic shows which pages are working the best
Time Spent on Site – The more time, the better the site
Site Path – Use this website statistic to see how your website design is working

You may have expected to get these type of reports, but how about the number of people who clicked on you email link or exactly “who” click on your link and visited your site. Now we’re talking detail. Detail you can evaluate and follow up on to ensure your marketing dollars are well invested.

If you do nothing else…

You must have useful, usable website statistics to know what your internet traffic is doing. No self respecting internet company would throw money into a campaign without being able to measure the results. That is what makes marketing on the internet so exciting. You will know. You don’t have to guess. No more gut feelings managing your marketing budgets.We can arrange for limited reporting free website statistics so you will know exactly where you stand now and where you could be in the near future.

Please contact us now for more information on website statistics for your business and how we can make you an Internet success!