Viral Marketing

Viral marketing happens when something of significant interest is provided to the visitor and that visitor is so impressed or thinks the value of what you have given is so good, they share that information with others. They in turn do the same. And on and on it goes, all the while your message is spreading like a virus.

Viral marketing is strong in many ways

1. It is usually free or very low cost.
2. It delivers your message by providing value to the potential customer in advance of you asking anything from them. This value perception cannot be underestimated. This is a very powerful technique that done right, can have a huge impact on your business.
3. Depending on the “value offering” it is kept for some time and shared over and over and over.

Develop viral marketing products unique to your website

We can help you develop free products or classes that give very useful content while showcasing your website’s products or services. These viral marketing products tend to get passed around to other people via emails or word of mouth. That means a respectable percentage of these people will eventually get to your site and order your products or services.

Use viral marketing to become a guru for your industry

A viral marketing campaign is perfect for using in internet communities to drive prospects to your website. We will search out and identify message boards, forums, and newsgroup lists where prospects would be interested in your expert input… thus your products or services. Simply add your SIG to all your replies that answer questions and/or give good content (information).

Let your customers become your sales force

And recommend your site to their business contacts, family, and friends by setting up a “Recommend This Site” feature directly from your website. This is a simple, yet very powerful viral marketing technique!

And viral marketing campaigns are extremely cost effective

Because once all the components your viral marketing plan are in place, it is totally free. The only thing it takes is a little bit of your time each day. Of course, that is to follow up of lead and sales. What a problem to have.

You already have marketing material and resources to start your viral marketing campaign today.

Please contact us now for more information on a viral marketing campaign for your website and how we can make you an internet success