Internet Marketing

The Simple Formula to Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing success comes from many pieces of the marketing plan all coming together to support your established goal. However, we at Discount Web Designer believe that it only takes 3 main things to become wildly successful at marketing your business on the internet.

1. Design

Simple, clean and intelligent design immediately informs your client what your business is about and what he must do to get it. It leads visitors to your most wanted response. This is why your website design must be visually appealing to the visitor but at the same time the most important aspect of the site itself is that it sells…whatever your product, service or brand might be.

2. Traffic

Without visitors to your site – well, it’s not a great investment. So many website owners have no clue how to drive traffic to their sites. They spend tons of money on all kinds of tactics that simply do not give them a return on their investment. Not all traffic is created equal. Targeted traffic delivered to your site will raise your conversion rate significantly. All other traffic acquisition efforts are low yielding and turn out to be very expensive. Targeted traffic is cheap because of the return you get on your efforts. It’s the only traffic that actually pays!

3. Conversion to Sale

Your site may look good, and may get tons of visitors, but the question still remains “Where is the money?”  A site without conversion is another poor investment. This area is the most overlooked and most important aspect of a website. A good business owner knows that WORDS SELL…PICTURES DO NOT. Some people believe flashy, flying graphics looks so cool people are bound to buy from them. Here is the secret to selling on the internet: You must realize that people come to the internet for information. Just like you are reading this now to get an idea of what we do, how we do it, what a likely chance of success might be, how much it will cost and most importantly “what is in it for me”. There it is. The thing you must consider most when building and marketing your business online. The visitor does not care what is in it for you. Only WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM.

Following this formula, everything you place on your site needs to do these two things only:

1. Give the visitor what he wants.
2. Get the visitor to accomplish your most wanted response.

Your most wanted response should be limited to two things only and that is to either selling something or capture a lead for follow-up.

Our Internet Marketing Plan

It is an fact that it takes at least 5 marketing attempts to make 70% of all sales! Trying to sell to someone on their first visit is usually a big mistake. Since only .5% – 3% of visitors are likely to buy no matter what and 97% leave having not purchased anything, with the business owner having no way to follow up and close the sale. This is where we can make a difference. We can help you come up with a fully developed internet marketing plan that will involve:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use our SEO expertise and extensive marketing knowledge to help you achieve first page listing in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Our team use only the safest White Hat Seo methods, so your website and your online presence grow quickly.

On page and Off page search optimization.

  • Aggressive link building and link development.
  • Competitor Analysis and Keyword  Research.
  • RSS syndication.

Search engine optimization services help your website achieve top search engine rankings. Top search engine ranking for your website is a must for anyone serious about making their website a success!

With the proper research and planning, any website can achieve excellent top search engine ranking to drive prospects to their site. This is not a hope and a dream. This is fact. Now I will be the first to tell you it is not easy. However, it is as simple as following the rules established by the search engines and allowing our tremendous experience to guide you using the guarded tactics we employ to achieve success for so many clients.

These tried and true tactics are shared with our clients directly and not available for the general public. We guarantee you will be on the first two pages of search results in the top search engines or YOU DO NOT PAY. We are serious about your success and “put our money where our mouth is”.

Learn more about search engine optimization

Local Online Marketing

Our customers use our online marketing expertise not only to attract global customers but to develop business relationships in and around Chicago. We have both the resources and the expertise to help you and you customers form long lasting business relationships.

  • Local search engine optimization.
  • Classified Ad posting.
  • Press Releases

To significantly increase the number of visitors and sales you generate from online marketing please contact our digital marketing team today.

Viral Marketing

We demystify viral marketing for your website — demystified! We can teach you how to use your free resources first in order for you to start your viral marketing campaign today! From using  the power of every email you send by adding a SIG to them. (A SIG is a signature that automatically is included in every email you send.) to putting your website on every piece of marketing material you use, from brochures to letterheads to business cards, we can teach you how it’s done! We have proven tactics that will explode your leads list that every company can employ at a minimal cost if no cost at all.

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PPC Management

Our digital marketing delivers outstanding results and our PPC management team know how to design, implement and deliver outstanding  results, so that you get the best conversions and most targeted customers to your website.

  • Out perform your competitors with better pay per click management. Our team can fully manage your specific marketing requirements.
  • Design and successful campaign implementation. We use our expertise to reduce your marketing spend and deliver  the results that matter most to you….Sales and increased revenue.

Contact our Adword management specialists today to discuss your digital marketing requirements.

Online Branding

Use our online branding services to build customer loyalty. Branding has always been the goal of all marketing plans from the beginning of time. Every off line business has always tried to build a brand with their company’s name and slogan. It is hard to believe that internet entrepreneurs are just now starting to catch on about online brand marketing. If you want your name recognized, you name remembered, or your name to be associated with your products then a branding campaign may be something to talk with us about.

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Website Statistics

You need website statistics to track and analyze your internet traffic and return on your marketing investment. Is your internet marketing plan working? Detailed website statistics will tell you much more than you think. The real beauty of online marketing is that you can measure almost everything. How many people clicked and how many bought. How much did it cost versus sales and profits. With website metrics as it is called, you can track and calculate the return on your investment easily. No feel good marketing or hope it works campaigns here.

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Direct Email Marketing

Discount Web Designer can design a targeted opt-in direct email marketing campaign to dramatically increase your customer base. Customers will be ready to buy your product or service from the start — because they have already agreed to receive opt-in emails from websites that offer a particular type of product or service. You have to make sure to only use opt-in direct email marketing lists from reputable companies so your opt-in email will not be considered Spam. You can rest assured that we only work with the top permission based opt-in direct email list providers.

Educate yourself on how you and your business can benefit from any one of these tactics! Contact us now!